Our next event!

This Bi-sanctioned event presented by TxDGA is Pdga sanctioned and approved.


This new format will fall under an 'X/C-Tier' (experimental) event outlined by PDGA sanctioning guidelines and a 'Tx-Tier' following course guidelines and philosophies presented and endorsed by the "Texas Disc Golf Association".

We will be debuting a fun, bounty based, modified stroke play format which focuses on long time 'ball' golf principles such as accuracy, disc (club) selection and course management.

​Payouts will be primarily based on bounties, while ratings and winners are based on stroke play. 

Our course is an I.O.M. designed/expansion of the Eagle Ranch DGC and TxDGA approved, 'ball' golf style layout including multiple par four and five holes presenting many eagle and birdie bounty opportunities. We will also introduce 'scoring' (bread basket) areas on particular greens to amplify the need to demonstrate accuracy and strategic awareness to claim bounties. As in 'ball' golf, placement on the green is crucial to a makeable putt.

Place your tee shot (some par 3's) or approach shots (some par 4's) in the 'bread basket', make the birdie putt and win the bounty.

​Payout will consist of dividing each divisions purse (Bread) into 18 slices (holes) per round.

 A two round event gives 36 bounties to claim per division. All players can cash with a claimed bounty w/ no tie (merch for Ams)

​Players scores (stroke play) will be used to determine overall winners and to break ties on bounties.

​Any bounties not claimed per division will become the remaining purse for that division and paid out to top 45% (based on stroke play)

​according to PDGA payout guidelines.

All rounds will be rated based on stroke score according to PDGA ratings guidelines.

Scores will determine event winners, not on number of bounties claimed.

Included in entry

$2 to pdga

$5 to course expansion initiative

(greens fees)

Plus $100 added cash to each division of

​4 or more players

Ideas of Mine Design

The official course designer and proud sponsor of the

"Texas Disc Golf Association"